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Cracked, crumbling or otherwise damaged manhole piping can present a hazard to service personnel and may even prevent critical access to underground water and sewer lines. The team at USA Pipe Repair is ready to employ modern techniques to make plumbing repairs in Midlothian, VA that restore the safety and structural integrity of manhole pipes, and we offer the following information about our services.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before tackling the repair process, our plumbing company in Midlothian, VA fully examines the manhole pipe to determine the nature and extent of the issue. We employ visual means whenever possible, but we also have sewer camera technology available that allows us to get a close-up look into areas that may not be accessible due to pipe damage.

Cleaning the Piping

If the manhole has been compromised by soil, trash, plant roots or other accumulated material, we take the time to remove these items and then completely clean the interior of the pipe. Performing these basic plumbing services in Midlothian, VA improves access to the pipe and prepares it for any follow-up repair work that may be needed.

Making the Repairs

To restore the surface of the manhole piping to like-new condition, our trained plumber in Midlothian, VA will install a new cured-in-place pipe lining or apply a spray-on material directly to the pipe’s interior. Both of these techniques are aimed at strengthening the pipe and preventing future damage and collapse.

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Turn to USA Pipe Repair the next time that you need routine or emergency plumbing in Midlothian, VA or a nearby area. A knowledgeable member of our crew will answer your questions by phone and schedule an on-site consultation at your home or business as soon as possible after you call. Contact us today and we will be sure to provide you with the reliable solutions that you need.

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