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If you’re dealing with a clogged drain in Richmond, VA, or a nearby area, you should seek out the help of a knowledgeable plumber to make any and all necessary repairs. The team at USA Pipe Repair has extensive drain cleaning expertise, and we offer the following advice on what to do if you believe that overgrown tree roots may be the cause of your backed up sewer drain.

Remove the Roots

Roots can be cleaned from sewer piping by blasting them out with water in a process called hydro-jetting. Mechanical cutting and removal can also be employed if the section of the pipe is easily accessible. Both of these methods should only be performed by an established drain cleaning company in Richmond, VA.

Restore the Pipe

After the roots are cleared away, the pipe should be relined using a trenchless sewer technology or excavated and replaced if the damage is too extensive for relining. This will prevent future sewage leaks that could contaminate the surrounding soil and harm groundwater sources. An experienced plumber in Richmond, VA can provide more details on the best methods for rehabilitating a damaged pipe.

Replace Problematic Landscaping

If it’s possible to pinpoint a specific tree or plant as the source of the root incursion, the offending foliage should be transplanted to another location away from the sewer line or removed from the property entirely. If this step is not taken, the roots could grow back and cause trouble again in the future. We offer drain cleaning services in Richmond, VA, should this problem persist.

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Contact USA Pipe Repair instead of undertaking drain snaking in Richmond, VA, or any other do-it-yourself drain cleaning method. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment to evaluate the problem and provide the solution that you need right away.

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