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Why We Recommend Pipe Lining Frequently

Getting to the point when pipes can be an afterthought again rather than something demanding immediate attention is what many of our clients prefer. The good news is when you contact a plumber in Richmond, VA, from USA Pipe Repair, this can be exactly what happens. Let us discuss why we often recommend pipe lining for our local clients:

Saving Time and Money Is Something We All Appreciate

Trenchless pipe lining is an impressively efficient way to restore pipes from the inside. For one thing, we won’t need heavy equipment, nor will we need to dig up your yard. Additionally, the work can be done with a smaller crew. All these benefits add up to faster, more affordable results.

Pipe Lining Is an Extremely Flexible Solution

Pipe lining, also referred to as trenchless drain or sewer line repair, is a restoration process that can be used on pipes in practically any reasonably accessible location. Furthermore, it’s often possible for pipe lining to involve:

  • Repairs in pipes with small gaps
  • Internal repairs made in larger pipes or ones with connecting points where diameter changes
  • Older cast iron pipes affected by wear and corrosion

Results Are Long-Lasting

The epoxy resin material used for sewer pipe line repair done with lining methods is highly durable and long-lasting. When applied, this resin is soft so it can fully coat inside pipe surfaces and get into smaller crevices. Once the coating hardens, however, the new “pipe within a pipe” strengthens the existing pipe. What this does is make the re-lined pipe less susceptible to corrosion, tree root intrusions, and other common sources of damage.

Restore Your Pipes and Peace of Mind Today

Reach out to USA Pipe Repair today to learn more about our sewer repair services in Richmond, VA. Make us your top choice for sewer line replacement and repair that’s done with minimal disruption and quality kept in mind. We’ll inspect your pipes and provide an honest opinion so you can make the final decision.

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