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When choosing a plumbing company in Richmond, VA, property owners should pay special attention to available plumbing technologies. The right tools can make a job easier, less expensive, and significantly less disruptive for homeowners and businesses. USA Pipe Repair performs trenchless services with products from Perma-Liner, an industry leader specializing in drain lateral lining and main line sectional point repair.


Perma-Liner has several key advantages over traditional pipe repair, particularly when property owners require emergency plumbing in Richmond,VA. Experienced plumbers inspect the damaged pipe, then install the liner through a small access point in the sewer line. The liner contains an epoxy resin. After expanding the liner, the plumber uses hot steam to cure the resin, creating a new pipe without serious excavation.

What It Offers

The Perma-Liner system allows for durable trenchless repairs that strengthen pipes from the inside, ensuring decades of dependable service under most conditions. When the process is performed by an experienced plumber in Richmond, VA, repaired pipes resist root intrusion and other common issues, allowing for a service life rating of at least 50 years.

Qualified plumbing services in Richmond, VA can use Perma-Liner products to repair pipes from 2″ to 102″ in diameter. Since Perma-Liner typically requires a small access point, property owners can avoid digging up yards and streets, and trenchless systems are an ecologically sound alternative to wasteful pipe replacement. However, plumbers need significant experience with trenchless tech in order to adequately analyze weaknesses in the existing pipe and install the Perma-Liner properly.

How We Can Help

USA Pipe Repair performs plumbing repairs in Richmond, VA using Perma-Liner trenchless products wherever possible, as the process has substantial benefits for both homeowners and plumbing professionals. By performing detailed inspections and prioritizing quality, we’re able to deliver outstanding results with budget-friendly pricing. 

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