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Experts at USA Pipe Repair always want to ensure that they are engaging in business practices that contribute to the betterment of the environment. For that reason, it is important that homeowners are aware of what products are most appropriate for a plumbing system and which ones aren’t. If you know you need drain cleaning in Chesterfield, VA, here are a few reasons why you should avoid chemical cleaners:

1. To Protect Your Skin

When you clean with harsh chemicals like hypochlorites, you are exposing your skin to the chemical and risking burning yourself. Others may notice that their skin becomes dry and brittle, while some may experience an allergic reaction. Regardless of how your skin will react to the chemicals, it is to take precautionary measures to ensure no reaction happens in the first place. The best way to do this is to schedule professional drain cleaning services rather than relying on harmful cleaning solutions.

2. To Protect Your Home

If these chemicals are strong enough to impact your skin, just imagine what they could do to the rest of your environment. Cleaners laced with bleach can stain furniture, carpet, clothing, and more. It can also trigger a burning sensation in the eyes just from inhalation of the bleaching agents. In addition to this, harsh bleach-dominant products can permanently damage certain countertops and other materials on the furniture in the home. If you have a clogged drain, reach out to an expert who can solve the problem in a much safer way.

3. To Protect Your Environment

Many cleaning products are packed with things like ammonia and nitrogen, both of which are incredibly dangerous to the environment. Even if you only used them in your home, they will still come in contact with the earth since they will travel down the pipes and through the sewer system below. Even if you have a water treatment system, these chemicals can still travel down and impact other animals and organisms who rely on clean water to live. A professional hydro jetting service can effectively clear clogged drains with no harmful effects to the environment.

If you need a professional drain cleaning company for quality drain cleaning solutions contact USA Pipe Repair today.

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